Swiss made programmatic advertising

We make ad management simple and efficient

Marmalads is a Swiss programmatic advertising company, based in Zug. Therefore, we provide services by accordance with laws and regulations of Switzerland, that makes our platform safe and trusted. Marmalads is a programmatic ecosystem that offers full-stack ad tech solutions for all market players. We operate with various demand and supply partners that have gained trustworthiness in the industry. We bet our programmatic solutions work like a swiss watch.

What We Offer

  • Safe Technology

    Sure, there are plenty of fraud and malicious activities in the Internet, and our aim is to protect our publishers and advertisers from these unpleasant things. We respect time and money of our partners that is why we have integrated special monitoring technologies in our platform.

  • Smart System

    We constantly update our platform and try to support the latest trends in the industry to meet your expectations and goals. We use various programmatic solutions, that can be suitable for different businesses. We provide our partners with transparent real-time analytics that gives them better understanding of integration performance.

  • Speed

    One of our major aims is to make ad serving as fast as possible. Our data servers are located in three regions all around the world so it makes possible for us to deliver ads with lightning speed in any spot.


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